God’s Not Dead Conference Speaker Profiles: Dr. Kevin Birdwell

Dr. Kevin Birdwell will be presenting a talk entitled Cosmic Creation Event. The scientific evidence for the origin of the universe points beyond the universe to a supernatural, personal Creator. In fact, there are striking parallels between the scientific evidence and the biblical accounts of creation. Science and Christianity are not in conflict, but complement one another in important ways. Come hear his presentation at the God’s Not Dead Conference at Freedom House Church of God on September 26th.

Dr. Kevin Birdwell attended Iowa State University, Central Bible College (Evangel University), Murray State University, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He holds degrees in Bible (A.A.), Geography/Math (B.S.), and Physical Geography (M.S. and Ph.D.) with emphasis areas in math, remote sensing, meteorology, paleoclimate, and environmental change. He has been a Christian apologist for more than 20 years and a physical science researcher in the Knoxville area for 25 years. He is currently on the part-time faculty of Lee University (teaching earth and space science). Dr. Birdwell is a licensed minister (exhorter) with the Church of God. Dr. Birdwell is also a regular visiting scholar with Reasons To Believe in Covina, CA where he focuses on the relationship between climate and human civilization.

The God’s Not Dead Conference will be held at Freedom House Church of God in Knoxville, TN on September 26th at 6pm. The conference will be held downstairs in the youth room.