God’s Not Dead Conference Speaker Profiles: Nick Peters

Nick Peters will be arguing for the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. The evidence for the Resurrection is grounded in historical facts. Nick spices his historical expertise with insights on the honor-shame culture at the time of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry. Come to the God’s Not Dead Conference at 6pm on September 26th at Freedom House Church to hear Nick’s case for the Resurrection.

Nick has a well established apologetics ministry in Knoxville, TN. He has been involved in apologetics ministry about fifteen years and currently runs his own ministry called Deeper Waters. Deeper Waters includes a blog where Nick posts five times a week and a podcast done once a week where Nick interacts with top shelf Christian apologists and scholars. His main focus is on the historical Jesus with an emphasis on the Resurrection and on the Thomistic arguments for God’s existence.

Nick is a graduate of Johnson Bible College and is currently working on his Master’s in NT long distance at North West University in South Africa. He is diagnosed with Aspergers as is his wife of four years, Allie. He and Allie live in Corryton, TN with their cat Shiro.

The God’s Not Dead Conference will be held at Freedom House Church of God in Knoxville, TN on September 26th at 6pm. The conference will be held downstairs in the youth room.


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