Prove All Things

Recently, on an apologetics group on Facebook that I participate in, someone linked an article entitled Paleontologists discover Dinosaur Foot with Tissue and Skin.

I have learned to be skeptical of what I read anywhere, but especially online. I did a Google search and the only other source for this story I could find was in the satire tabloid Weekly World News.

I posted a comment in the thread of the posted article, advising the group of what i had discovered. The one who originally posted the link thanked me for my research and deleted the post. I have to extend some grace to the guy. You see, the reason I am so skeptical of what I read nowadays is that I used to post all kinds of links to silly articles that I thought were legitimate that turned out to be sketchy upon further research. I can hardly be hard on anyone for doing the same things I used to do before I learned to be more cautious.

Far from taking an opportunity to bemoan all the “suckers” posting ridiculous links on social media, I would like to encourage my readers to learn from this. We need to be skeptical of what we read and hear–especially if what we read seems to support our world and life view.

Proverbs 14:15, ESV

The simple believes everything, but the prudent gives thought to his steps.


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